• Use a qualified HSE supervisor and undertake regular job site HSE inspections.
  • Provide regular HSE training for our workers.
  •  Regularly publish best practice and strictly enforce HSE procedures.
  • Provide and enforce the use of safety gear and equipment.
  • All project visitors are required to receive an HSE briefing and indicate their understanding prior to being allowed on site.

Responsibility and Enforcement

  • The Site Supervisor is responsible for all HSE issues at the site. The Project Manager oversees the implementation of the HSE policy and strategies by the Site Supervisors.
  • Each worker receives HSE training before he or she is allowed on site. Each worker is trained to understand his/her responsibility for the safe conduct of his and others’ tasks on site.
  • The Site Supervisor is responsible for and required to give visitors a safety briefing prior to being allowed on site.


NO JOB OR TASK is more important than the environment and a person’s HEALTH and SAFETY. If a task presents a potential safety or health threat, the job shall remain undone until a safe way has been determined to perform the task.

Greycrest continues to faithfully adhere to COVID-19 protocols on site to protect workers and visitors



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